Our mission


Provide mobile application framework easily deployable to more independent companies providing travel/commute/taxi services.

So who are we?


Startup which tries to deliver its experience in IT fields to real life bussiness by growing software directly with bussiness case partner.



Full time employed developer and support plus part time 2 external developers.



AAA radiotaxi l.t.d. Prague Czech republic. With who we developed our technology to be as close to niche business needs as possible.

Our History

Exiting after 12 years at gfi.com as security lead software developer David Farinic started small project first deployed on windows mobile to share gps location with focusing on real time processing.
Project Exooc.com moved to android application Iamhere. Around 4000 people used this service all around world.
SendMeTaxi development for android has started
we are deploying now techology to real business
we got more orders than UBER in Prague
looking for investors to invest for ver.2 of transportation including autonomous vehicles